Introducing the captivating PREVOST X3-45, where excellence knows no bounds. Our commitment to quality and comfort shines through every detail of this brand-new model. 



The meticulous buffing and polishing create an unparalleled shine that truly sets it apart. Inside, our interior shop has raised the bar once again, presenting a space that defines the epitome of luxury, adorned with stunning colors and textures.

IMG 5042 scaled
IMG 4692 scaled

We take immense pride in the accolades from our clients who consistently praise the tranquility, comfort, and spacious bunks we offer on the road. Our relentless pursuit is to bring the essence of home to your journey, and this dedication is evident in every facet of the PREVOST X3-45.

Step into the breathtaking rear lounge in our latest creation. It’s a sanctuary that embodies warmth, comfort, and serenity. Crafted for those who seek the highest standards of travel luxury, this oasis redefines your on-the-road experience.

IMG 4713 1 scaled
IMG 5042 1 scaled

But that’s not all – behold the mesmerizing ghost stripes adorning the PREVOST X3-45. These subtle patterns can play tricks on the eye, adding a touch of intrigue and mystique to this exceptional model. In the right light, they transform into nothing short of perfection.

Join us on this journey, where every element, from the polished exterior to the tranquil interior, is meticulously designed and passionately crafted to elevate your travel experience. At its core, our mission is to create a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility, and you can experience it firsthand in our latest masterpiece, the PREVOST X3-45.


At the end of the day, it’s not just about the end product but also the process. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Florida Coach and to have played a role in enhancing their clients’ travel experience.

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