When it comes to luxury travel, attention to detail is everything. That’s why when Dream Liner Luxury Coaches came to us with a coach that was less than a year old, but with an interior that left their clients less than impressed, we knew we had to step in and make things right.


We assessed the coach’s existing interior and identified areas that needed improvement. We then designed a galley and front lounge that would not only match the existing style and materials but also add all the missing elements that the client desired.


The result was a complete redesign that transformed the coach’s interior. We added all new couches, booths, and galley set up that looked stunning and provided superior comfort and functionality.

We also focused on storage, adding new overhead and under-couch and booth storage that provides ample space for clients to store their belongings while on the road.


One of the most significant challenges of this project was matching the existing materials and style, but with our team’s expertise, we were able to achieve a seamless transition from the old to the new.


When we were done, the client was thrilled with the outcome, and we were proud to have exceeded their expectations. 


At the end of the day, it’s not just about the end product but also the process. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Dream Liner Luxury Coaches and to have played a role in enhancing their clients’ travel experience.


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